Advance Specials related to Global Partnerships of
the Florida Conference


Advance # 100070 supports Methodists United In Prayer (formerly Cuba/Florida Covenant) by covering travel costs for Cuban Christians visiting Florida and ministries related to the Covenant.

Advance # 100135 supports the Cuba Methodist Seminary.

Advance # 100140 provides support for retired pastors of the Methodist Church in Cuba.

Advance # 110030 supports the evangelistic effort of the Methodist Church in Cuba through matching grants towards the purchase of house/churches.

Advance # 100085 provides a supplemental monthly stipend to full time pastors serving appointments where there is no Florida sister church.


Advance # 100130 supports missionaries of the Cuba Methodist Church serving in the East Angola United Methodist Conference.

Advance # 100125 subsidizes the feeding program of the Quessua Mission.

Advance # 102020 provides scholarships for East Angolan students to attend Higher Education institutions.

Advance # 100090 supports a variety of ministries and projects of the East Angola/Florida Partnership. These projects emphasize ministry with the poor, health, leadership development, and evangelism.

Advance # 102040 supports the community health initiative at the Quessua mission.


Advance # 102060 supports theological training for pastors in Haiti, children’s education, feeding programs, etc.


Advance # 100180 provides resources for training, trip planning, consultation and guidance, mission scholarships for youth, church grants and matching grants for mission experiences.


Advance Specials related to Outreach Ministries

Advance # 510004 - Branches (SE) seeks to partner with churches and organizations to create and expand ministries of compassion and justice in the communities of South East Florida.

Advance # 510002 - Christians Reaching Out for Society, Inc. (AC) partners with congregations to share God's love through tangible acts and justice ministry.

Advance # 510006 - Cornerstone Family Ministries (SC) touches the lives of over 20,000 families across the state each month through programs for children, families and seniors.

Advance # 510025 - Grace Place for Children and Families, Inc. (SW) is a comprehensive child care and family ministry that ministers to at-risk children and families in the Naples area.

Advance # 510016 - Halifax Urban Ministry (AC) provides emergency food assistance with “feed a family” bags of nonperishable food, with snack bags for homeless people, with daily hot meals and with daily bread.

Advance # 102035 - South Florida Justice for Our Neighbors concentrates on providing assistance to persons needing immigration legal services.

Advance # 510001 - Madison County Outreach (NW) offers a variety of services and resources for small membership churches in the area. UMCM built and manages the Florida Conference Disaster Response Supply Depot.

Advance # 510008 - UM Cooperative Ministry/Suncoast (GC) supports local congregations to respond to critical needs in their communities and provides direct services to refugee and immigrants.


Other Conference Advance Specials

Advance # 510000 - Alfalit International, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian literacy ministry working in Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Advance # 510017 - Carver Heights Ministry is an educational and health ministry with at-risk children and youth of African American and Latino backgrounds in Leesburg.

Advance # 112010 - Disaster Recovery coordinates volunteers, resources, and pastoral care with local congregations to prepare for and mitigate disasters.

Advance # 510013 - Florida United Methodist Children’s Home provides services to families and to children from birth into adulthood. It provides school-aged children who have been victimized by abuse, neglect or family trauma, a family-style home, education, counseling, recreation and ministry opportunities.

Advance # 410005 - Habitat for Humanity Projects in Florida enables low-wage earner families to afford quality homes through sweat equity.

Advance # 100110 - Haitian Committee on Ministry supports the strengthening of Haitian-American congregations in the Florida Conference through training of clergy and laity and in the formation of missions as opportunities arise.

Advance # 510031 - PET Florida provides the gift of mobility to those outside the U.S.A. who have no legs or no use of their legs. PET (Personal Energy Transportation) is a three wheel, hand pedaled wheelchair that can go where wheelchairs can’t go.

Advance # 100170 - Shade & Fresh Water is a ministry to clergy and their families dealing with transition.

Advance # 510019 - Society of St. Andrew (the Potato Project) is a gleaning, produce distribution and hunger education ecumenical ministry that involves volunteers in gleaning farmer’s fields.  The food is shipped to food distribution cooperatives for the hungry people.

Advance # 113030 - The Young Adult Missional Movement identifies, recognizes, gathers & encourages all expressions of young adults in missional service in the Florida conference.

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