Other Advance Specials of the Florida Conference

Advance # 510000 - Alfalit International, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian literacy ministry working in Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa.


Advance # 510017 - Carver Heights Ministry is an educational and health ministry with at-risk children and youth of African American and Latino backgrounds in Leesburg.


Advance # 510018 - Celebrate Jesus, Inc. coordinates clusters of local congregations to engage in relational evangelism by training and deploying local church laity and clergy.


Advance # 112010 - Disaster Recovery coordinates volunteers, resources, and pastoral care with local congregations to prepare for and mitigate disasters.


Advance # 510013 - Florida United Methodist Children’s Home provides services to families and to children from birth into adulthood. It provides school-aged children who have been victimized by abuse, neglect or family trauma, a family-style home, education, counseling, recreation and ministry opportunities.


Advance # 410005 - Habitat for Humanity Projects in Florida enables low-wage earner families to afford quality homes through sweat equity.


Advance # 100110 - Haitian Committee on Ministry supports the strengthening of Haitian-American congregations in the Florida Conference through training of clergy and laity and in the formation of missions as opportunities arise.


Advance # 510003 - Jim Russo Prison Ministry works with persons recently released from prison.  It fosters Christian living values in a home and family setting.


Advance # 510005 - National Farm Worker Ministry of Florida sponsors ministries with migrant workers and their families, through congregational life, Christian education, and life skills, vocational training, and advocacy.


Advance # 100170 - Shade & Fresh Water is a ministry to clergy and their families dealing with transition.


Advance # 510019 - Society of St. Andrew (the Potato Project) is a gleaning, produce distribution and hunger education ecumenical ministry that involves volunteers in gleaning farmer’s fields.  The food is shipped to food distribution cooperatives for the hungry people.


Advance # 510010 - Wesley Group Homes for Adults with Special Needs, South East District, is a group home for mentally and emotionally challenged adults.  Offerings support the programs and maintenance of this home.

Global Missions of The Florida Conference

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