Establishing Church to Church Partnerships between the

Eglise Methodiste d’Haiti (EMH) and the Florida Conference

A. Role of the Florida District  Coordinators

B. Role of the Haiti Circuit Coordinators

C. Formalizing the Church to Church Covenant at the local level

1. Pray for one another on a regular and recurring basis;

2. Develop and nurture relationships, mutual understanding, friendships and connections among ourselves and with others having a common purpose and intent, through work, worship and shared conference attendances;

3. Share our respective cultures, gifts and graces, concerns, blessings, challenges, faith and hopes in the catholic spirit;

4. Work together in a supportive and mutual relationship based upon the principles of solidarity, acceptance, respect and unconditional love;

5. Establish and nurture relationships and connections between clergy and laity of The Methodist Church of Haiti and of the Florida Conference and encourage church-to-church and pastor-to-pastor relationships for mutual learning, support and growth.

D. Defining projects with partner churches in Haiti and Florida

● Defining a project or ministry is a mutual process between the sister churches in Haiti and in Florida.  It requires time and patience. Prayer and dialogue are essential.

● No project should be unilateral. Negotiations must be covered in prayer; all participants must exercise caution, humility, patience, discernment, and especially to offer love with each other.

● The EMH through the Circuit Superintendent has a strong influence on the needs of its local churches.  No project will advance without the approval of the EMH and the Circuit Superintendent.

E. Funding

Global Missions of The Florida Conference

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Lakeland, FL 33815

Telephone: 800.282.8011